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This site is the result of a careful selection of the complex in all its many aspects. However, if they occur during your stay unpleasant incidents are not resolved by the management of the structure, we recommend that you contact us immediately. We will work expeditiously so that your stay goes back to being nice. Our intervention can be effective, as far as possible, only if you notify us during the stay.

Dear customers, this site collects most of the tourist facilities on the Island of Elba and the best of the island of Giglio and Capraia Therefore, we are confident that consulting it carefully, you too will find the most suitable occasion for your vacation. In addition, some facilities offer special incentives, aimed at customers with specific characteristics. So watch the "promotional offers".
Offers are not combinable with each other ever, unless stated otherwise, nor with any last minute extras or discounts and promotions. The free night will be deducted from the period at the lower rate. Recall that in order to obtain a reduction or to take advantage of promotional offers, it is essential to produce a copy of the identity documents of minors and eventual marriage certificate in the case of honeymoon.

Once landed on the Island of Elba, just follow the signs that will be provided along with travel documents. All accommodations are located in areas known and easily accessible.

If, due to force majeure, the arrival should be delayed, you will need to contact the management of the resort in order to allow staff to wait for the arrival times also not regular.
In some cases the accommodation will apply the overtime.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you book a sea passage together with the booking of accommodation chosen, in this case you get the insurance cover provided for the passage of the ship.

In some complex is required to pay a "club card" that allows you to take advantage of the services and facilities specified.
The payment, unless otherwise indicated, shall be paid on arrival.

If for any reason you can not present at the accommodation on the day scheduled for the beginning of your stay, we recommend that you immediately notify our organization and direction of the complex so that there is always bound to the room / apartment above riservatovi.

Equipment and services indicated for the various complexes may be temporarily not in operation due to bad weather or based on the number of customers present.
If present in the description, parking is not secure, usable up to availability of seats and, unless otherwise indicated, is not bookable.

In each structure is indicated if the animals are or are not allowed. They are allowed only on request and if available rooms dedicated to them is sometimes a supplement, always specified, generally payable locally. Pets are not allowed in the pool, in the restaurant and public areas, nor on the beach except those devoted to them.

Choose the accommodation and the location ideal. We recommend that you book your vacation time and, especially in high season, suggesting state any alternatives in case your first choice is not available.

The classifications and categories of accommodation facilities ( * star) are assigned according to the regulations by the competent local authorities. For non-hotel accommodation or in the absence of official classification, it is assigned by the Tour Operator ( • balls) on the basis of its evaluation criteria on the basis of these standards.The photographs on the site reproduce only some examples of rooms / apartments because it is not possible to represent all types present, more detailed information will be provided at time of booking.

Any requests not subject to preferential supplement must be reported at time of booking, but can not be considered guaranteed.

The Local Tax, if provided for by the municipality where the facility is located, must be paid at the same facility.

Natural events, such as storms, can increase or decrease the depth of the beaches, modifying the natural composition and facilitating the beaching of seagrass. The deposit of seaweed on the beach is a natural phenomenon index of well-balanced eco-environment, therefore protected by the relevant authorities and environmental organizations that do not always allow the removal.