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Emporio Vacanze Sas acts as an intermediary and assumes no liability in the case of obligations imposed on providers of individual products and / or services but is responsible exclusively to those arising from his role as intermediary, to the extent permitted by law.
booking and / or combination of different products and / or services provided by Emporio Holidays Sas at the discretion of the customer, which shall bear no liability for any resulting combination of these.

Upon receipt of travel documents (vouchers, tickets), the customer is required to check and must detail the accuracy of the data contained on them. Any errors and / or inaccuracies must be promptly notified in Emporio Vacanze Sas as late notices will invalidate any liability of Emporio Vacanze Sas.
E 'mandatory at present equipped booked travel documents sent by Emporio Vacanze Sas and, in the case booking ferries, airplanes or other services, provided for boarding ticket or travel document equivalent to the terms in the conditions of the individual suppliers. Otherwise the customer will lose the right to reside and / or boarding and / or service booked.

In case of cancellation and / or non-use of the service booked, the customer will be required, however, to pay all or part of the same under the general conditions of individual Suppliers regarding your reservation. Any partial repayments will always be subordinate and regulated by the general conditions of the suppliers and subject to the penalties due to Emporio Vacanze Sas and Suppliers. Will in no case be refunded the booking fee and the odds of opening practice.

In case of changes or transfers, if in terms of regulation of the supplier they are covered, the Customer is obliged to pay the anticipated changes in the general conditions of the service provider and the payment Emporio Vacanze Sas di € 35.00 for any change or transfer.

Reservations will be valid only if accompanied by a deposit equal to 25% of the total amount of the rates of opening practice, in addition to the total of any additional services such as ferries, flights or charter, to get back within 24 hours from the date of booking. The balance must be paid a maximum of 21 days. before arrival. After these words, the reservation will be considered void and subject to the specific penalty Emporio Vacanze Sas and individual suppliers. For bookings of 21 days. to 2 days. arrival, you must send full payment within 24 hours of the reservation date.
Except in cases of force majeure, Emporio Vacanze Sas escapes within two working days, excluding weekends and holidays, booking requests communicated to him. Emporio Vacanze Sas may, however, decide , at its sole discretion, not to proceed with the booking if it considers prudent insufficient time for submission of documents to the customer.
Emporio Holidays Sas is not responsible in any way for:
  • wrong input of customers' personal data carried out by them during the booking procedure;
  • failure to produce the necessary travel documents.
In these cases, in others where the customer is unable to use the services booked for his responsibility and if fails to perform as described in point 1 (one), Emporio Vacanze Sas apply the penalties provided for by the terms of sale of individual suppliers and Emporio Holidays Sas.
If there is one of the situations mentioned below:
  • delay or unavailability on the part of suppliers,
  • reception after the closing date of the payment requested by Emporio Vacanze Sas
  • tariff changes are not accepted by the customer
Emporio Holidays Sas will be held only to a refund of any amounts already paid.

The general conditions of sale Emporio Vacanze Sas and individual Suppliers are read and accept at time of booking.

6) FEE OPEN PRACTICE (including cancellation insurance)
per booking is due to Emporio Vacanze Sas share opening practice of Euro 10,00 / person. The share of opening practice includes: 7) JURISDICTION
Any disputes shall be governed by Italian law.
For Residential Customers shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the Court where the Defendant resides.
Customers In the case of companies shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the Court for the district of Livorno.